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anti-Pakistan protests

India’s fake news war against Pakistan has been in operation for a long time now. Much of the data propagated in information war resonates with the views of pro-government ideology and has largely been negative. The ongoing anti-Pakistan protests in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul appears to be a clear example of how misinformation could create havoc in a chaos-driven nation. The

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Despite the Abrogation of Article 370 two years ago, Pakistan’s Kashmir Propaganda Persists

Kashmir Propaganda

The relations between India and Pakistan have always been contradictory, as both the countries have actively participated in misguiding and manipulating global media against one another. Both of them are using cyberwarfare capabilities including misinformation, propaganda, developing advanced tools that help in spying and stealing information to achieve the strategic goals in the South Asian continent. Pakistan’s Kashmir propaganda is

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Indian cyber offensive

As the investigation and security sector is rapidly evolving, the threats of data breaches have increased two-folds. Today, protection against cybercrime has become an urgent necessity for developing countries like India. The government is now keeping a check on Indian offensive cyber capabilities. In the wake of the 2020 Mumbai Grid Attack and the 2019 malware attack on the country’s

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Graphika Report Reveals Another Pakistan Co-ordinated Attack against India

Graphika Report

The recently released Graphika report stated that several Pakistan-based accounts were spreading political narratives that supported its government and military and actively targeted India. The fight between both nations appears to be everlasting for India also possesses the cyber capabilities to respond to Pakistani cyberwarfare. With the help of private actors and APT groups, India too has launched wide social

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Resurrection of Non-State Actors Can Help India Win the Information Warfare Battle

information warfare

Information warfare has become an important aspect in the present world. Both the state and non-state actors have been drawn towards the distinct form of conflict. Information superiority is achieved either by affecting the adversary information, information systems, and computer-based networks while defending one’s information, systems, or networks. Developed countries like the US, Russia, China, etc. have called information warfare

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New Report Highlights Aglaya’s Connection with Dark Matter

Srivastava Group

Web-based technologies have become crucial in spreading disinformation. A month after the EU DisinfoLab brought into light the wide-scale pro-India disinformation campaign that harmed Pakistan’s integrity, another similar report has been published. While the DisinfoLab’s report – Indian Chronicles – dove deep into the vast 15-year global operation, and named several individuals and registered-website domains with several untraceable and unidentifiable

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Twitter into Action, amid Indian Farmers Protest that Allegedly Instigated Anti-India Agenda

Indian Farmers protest

Twitter has been doing a good job in blocking hate symbols, abusive behaviour, detecting unhealthy or unsafe communication on its platform that violates privacy and manipulates authenticity to fool masses. It has tried to advance its detection ability and has banned accounts that chose not to abide by its policies. But the bigger question is how helpful has it been

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