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Secfence Technologies

The global surveillance cyber space has taken a centre stage over the last few years and seems to grow at a fast pace, given the changing circumstantial requirements. Apart from the various countries, which have already made a mark in advancing IT security, like Israel, US, Russia, new players are also emerging in the field from countries like India. Indian

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social engineering

In the war of information and perception, social engineering has emerged as an important concept to target developing nations like India. Ranging from malicious activities such as breaching security to tricking users into gaining access to their sensitive data, these attacks have happened in more than one step. Roscoe Pound propounded the doctrine of social engineering, under the Sociological School

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Demands for Digital Forensics are on the Rise in India. How can you get noticed by head hunters?

Digital Forensics

The fifth generation innovation process in technology has brought more cases of cyber crimes with organisations in developing nations like India worrying for what the future may hold for them. Today, India needs more skilled people in the digital forensics field, social engineering, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, etc., for proper and efficient systems, as well as developed provisions for

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Media organisations too need Penetration Testing Expertise to defend against rising Cyber threats

Penetration testing expertise

Apart from rising information warfare, there are many other cyber challenges that media industry might have to prepare for being the most vulnerable targets of cyber aggressive bullies like China. As per recent reports, Chinese hackers attacked India’s largest media conglomerate, the Bennett Coleman And Co Ltd, (BCCL). It has been concluded by experts that since BCCL publishes the largest

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India needs its own anti-disinformation army to counter campaigns such as “#BoycottIndianProducts”

disinformation army

The growing disinformation campaigns have become a substantial problem in developing countries like India, which already lacks specific provision of law that deals with fake news. Clearly, India needs its own set of disinformation army to counterattack. Today, Indian law enforcement is challenged to respond more efficiently. They are using all-source intelligence, OSINT, platforms to perform multi-dimensional visual analysis with

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India Bolsters Cyber Capabilities amid Growing Attacks from Chinese Actors like Earth Baku

Earth Baku

An advanced persistent threat group called Earth Baku has gained a center stage for launching cyber espionage campaign on public and private entities located in the Indo-Pacific region. It’s not the first time when a Chinese cyber campaign has gained attention for carrying out cyberattacks against India. The Earth Baku group has a history of launching cyber attacks and campaigns

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Bitter APT Becomes a Suspected Indian Group to Conduct Cyber Espionage against China & Pakistan

Bitter APT

In the wake of growing cyber warfare activities, cyber domain has become one of the most conflicting sectors in today’s society. Every country is preparing for large-scale, nation-backed attacks to win the defense and security game. India has also bolstered its cyber game. In doing so, the country has laid down protocols for prevention and audit to secure the critical

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anti-Pakistan protests

India’s fake news war against Pakistan has been in operation for a long time now. Much of the data propagated in information war resonates with the views of pro-government ideology and has largely been negative. The ongoing anti-Pakistan protests in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul appears to be a clear example of how misinformation could create havoc in a chaos-driven nation. The

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India-Russia Cooperation in Cyber Sector Could Help in Promoting cyber sovereignty

Cyber Sovereignty

Once again, India is back at looking ideas for increasing cooperation with Russia. The partnership between the two capitals is initially set to promote mutual growth and cooperation in the cyber, economic and trade sector, as stated by India’s Russian Ambassador D.B. Venkatesh Varma. Following the constant strides of growing cyberwarfare activities against India, its engagements with Russia would bring

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Prioritising Critical Infratsruture Safety becomes Key Area of India-Australia Cyber Partnership

cyber partnership

The year 2021 appears to have broken all records when it comes to data breaches, cyberattacks and increased usage of sophisticated cyber tools. With nearly eight months gone, India as a developing nation is actively cooperating with other nations in the fields cyber partnership and developing offensive and defensive cyber building. The sophistication of threats has increased with the steady

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