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Demands for Digital Forensics are on the Rise in India. How can you get noticed by head hunters?

Digital Forensics

The fifth generation innovation process in technology has brought more cases of cyber crimes with organisations in developing nations like India worrying for what the future may hold for them. Today, India needs more skilled people in the digital forensics field, social engineering, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, etc., for proper and efficient systems, as well as developed provisions for

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India needs its own anti-disinformation army to counter campaigns such as “#BoycottIndianProducts”

disinformation army

The growing disinformation campaigns have become a substantial problem in developing countries like India, which already lacks specific provision of law that deals with fake news. Clearly, India needs its own set of disinformation army to counterattack. Today, Indian law enforcement is challenged to respond more efficiently. They are using all-source intelligence, OSINT, platforms to perform multi-dimensional visual analysis with

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Ethical Hacking

In an era of growing international conflicts and cybercrimes, state-sponsored hacking has become a way for governments to secure intelligence information. The doubling number of ransomware, malware etc. has made ethical hacking the need of the hour. Ethical hacking method actively defends corporate networks, institutions, and personal data against malicious cyberattacks by discovering risks and vulnerabilities, and fixing them. Ethical

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ClearTrail Technologies

One of the Indian private firms called ClearTrail Technologies that was recently in news for exporting cyber capabilities as that of Aglaya, will be participating at the ISS World Europe 2021. The event is the world’s largest gathering of Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts responsible for Cyber Crime Investigation, Electronic Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering. The previous news

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ClearTrail Technologies Rises to prominence as a provider of intelligence services similar to Aglaya

ClearTrail Technologies

Amid the growing cyberwarfare activities throughout the globe, India is preparing to expand its intelligence network with the help of private firms. The aim is to enhance information gathering networks to curb cyber terror activities. Today, the Indian firms supplying surveillance equipment are not only doubling their ground locations in the country but also in foreign nations. ClearTrail Technologies and

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APT attacks

As cybercriminals targeted various sectors of the Indian infrastructure, including businesses and financial service firms, the country has decided to bring a section of sovereignty in the upcoming cybersecurity plan. It would not only protect Indian cyberspace against the growing APT attacks but also build up India’s cyber offensive capabilities to fight the adversaries. While speaking about the new cyber

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Pakistani APT Group Imitates Indian Cyber Operation Methods to Deliver Malware Attack


Creating secure cyberspace in India has become more strenuous in the wake of persistent cyberattacks on the country. The malware attacks by adversaries have not only targeted the critical infrastructure in India but have advanced to the government and the military sector too. As a developing country, India possesses cyber offensive and defensive capabilities that could ward off attacks from

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India is Formulating National Cyber Strategy While Building Cyberwarfare Capacity

National Cyber Strategy

Over time, state-led or non-state hybrid warfare has multiplied the cybercrime attack options with higher frequency throughout the globe. In India, geopolitical tensions have sped up the process of developing offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. In addition, the government is also looking to unveil a national cyber strategy that would holistically cover the entire Indian cyberspace ecosystem. In a recent

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Major Indian Firms Providing Penetration Testing and Cyber Forensics

Indian firms

The steady increase in cyberwarfare activities throughout the globe has motivated countries to build offensive and defensive capabilities. Countries like the US, UK, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, etc. have been launching cyber operations on the developing nations, extending the nature of war. In the wake of steady growth in the nation-state-sponsored attacks, world nations including India have made

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India Ranks in Third-tier Countries on a Spectrum of Cyber Warfare Capabilities

cyber warfare

In the wake of persistent cyber warfare attacks and data breaches, India has been looked down upon within the security community multiple times. The existing crises and conflicts that were previously fought at the borders and consumed the national capacities have now occupied Indian cyberspace. The world is witnessing the use of cyber tools to avoid and counter compromise on

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