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Bitter APT Becomes a Suspected Indian Group to Conduct Cyber Espionage against China & Pakistan

Bitter APT

In the wake of growing cyber warfare activities, cyber domain has become one of the most conflicting sectors in today’s society. Every country is preparing for large-scale, nation-backed attacks to win the defense and security game. India has also bolstered its cyber game. In doing so, the country has laid down protocols for prevention and audit to secure the critical

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Israel-India Retain Cyber Alliance in the face of Joint Hybrid War by China & Pakistan


In the wake of Pegasus project revelations, India is into criticism from several nations aiming to strengthen their cyber front. The country has been accused of using Israel’s Pegasus spyware against opposition, union ministers, and journalists etc. Many of these targets claimed that the government wanted to “turn India into a surveillance state where democracy is in danger”. Over time,

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Pakistani Malware

Part of the blame for the instability and full disarray in Afghanistan has been placed on Pakistani malware. Some experts claimed that if it hadn’t been for Pakistan’s assistance, the Taliban would have failed miserably in their attempt to take control of Afghanistan. Evidences suggested that Pakistan was constantly targeting Afghanistan in the cyberspace, amid the growing threat from Taliban.

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Indian cyberseurity

The steady growth in cyberattacks has made it clear that cyber threats are not area-limited. Nations all over the world are today witnessing high-profile ransomware attacks. The cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities to attack the critical infrastructures, making cyberspace a new battleground and cyber weapons as the new-age weapons. In the wake of growing cybercrimes, several state-sponsored and non-state hacker

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Despite the Abrogation of Article 370 two years ago, Pakistan’s Kashmir Propaganda Persists

Kashmir Propaganda

The relations between India and Pakistan have always been contradictory, as both the countries have actively participated in misguiding and manipulating global media against one another. Both of them are using cyberwarfare capabilities including misinformation, propaganda, developing advanced tools that help in spying and stealing information to achieve the strategic goals in the South Asian continent. Pakistan’s Kashmir propaganda is

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Indian cyber offensive

As the investigation and security sector is rapidly evolving, the threats of data breaches have increased two-folds. Today, protection against cybercrime has become an urgent necessity for developing countries like India. The government is now keeping a check on Indian offensive cyber capabilities. In the wake of the 2020 Mumbai Grid Attack and the 2019 malware attack on the country’s

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Pakistani APT Group Imitates Indian Cyber Operation Methods to Deliver Malware Attack


Creating secure cyberspace in India has become more strenuous in the wake of persistent cyberattacks on the country. The malware attacks by adversaries have not only targeted the critical infrastructure in India but have advanced to the government and the military sector too. As a developing country, India possesses cyber offensive and defensive capabilities that could ward off attacks from

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What is India’s Hybrid Warfare Strategy against the Adversary Nations?

Hybrid Wafare

Following the cyberspace battle, the countries around the world are building cyber offensive and defensive capabilities, while employing overt tactics to overcome their adversaries. India being the most targeted country in cyberspace, by tier two countries, is now exerting influence with the help of hybrid warfare strategy. The consequences of hybrid warfare are considered the most lethal in the present

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Graphika Report Reveals Another Pakistan Co-ordinated Attack against India

Graphika Report

The recently released Graphika report stated that several Pakistan-based accounts were spreading political narratives that supported its government and military and actively targeted India. The fight between both nations appears to be everlasting for India also possesses the cyber capabilities to respond to Pakistani cyberwarfare. With the help of private actors and APT groups, India too has launched wide social

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Indian Cyber Operations Outperforms Pakistani Cyber Warfare Skills

Indian cyber Operations

The cyberspace has become an important frontier in the fifth-generation warfare. This nature has increased cyber-conflict threefold and opting out is not an option anymore. Modern societies have become highly dependent on cyberspace and the only difference lies in the potential universe of “adversaries”, the ability to anticipate the attack and to immediately assemble a counterattack. Since everything is networked,

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