Espionage Has Become the Newest Threat in South Asian Landscape

Offenssive cyber capability of India

Cyberwar can be the next big factor in building power relations in South Asia, for the region has regularly attracted interests of cyber criminals. The territorial disputes have heightened the cyber espionage activities in South Asia. As a result, many countries have resorted to new cybersecurity measures to protect integrity and national security interests. Over time, the increasing cyberattacks have

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India Plans to Level up Cyber Offensive Front by Recruiting Elite Hackers

cyber offensive

Cyberwars have the capability to disable and destroy communications at all levels of war. The fact is well noted by India, as its adversaries have advanced to fifth-generation cyber warfare and portraying cyber offensive capabilities. This has triggered several internal security issues, with Khalistani ideology being the priority in the country. India needs to level up its game in cyber

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Hybrid Warfare: Indian APT Groups Building Large-Scale Phishing Campaigns

Hybrid warfare

As the unconventional methods of a multi-domain warfighting approach have been growing in the name of hybrid warfare, India is now sparing no efforts in targeting the domestic fault lines that encompass the political, social, economic, and religious factors. Several Indian APT groups have now sped up collaboration on and executing scams, fraud, and large-scale targeted phishing campaigns to counter

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Can India Counter Chinese Cyber Warfare with its Offensive Cyber Operations?

chinese cyber warfare

The revelations of the Mumbai power outage of October 2020, which left the railways, stock market, hospitals, and a population of 20-million in Mumbai high and dry for several hours, has raised questions of whether India could counter Chinese cyber warfare in the future. Today cyber power has become a part of the country’s strength. The cases of espionage, cyber

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India Seeks US’ Help to Counter Adversaries in Cyberspace

Indian cyberspace

In order to mitigate the scaling confrontation in the Indian cyberspace from both China and Pakistan, India is now taking help from specialised foreign organisations, like the US. Meanwhile, the country is constantly maintaining its relations with Russia to make the country cyber resilient. Some of the experts believe that partnership with the US is not conducive in terms of

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CyberRoot Gets in the Spotlight as an Indian Hack-for-Hire Group


In the age of cyber conflict, information warfare has become a tool for influencing operations, legal and strategic analyses, and sometimes, even international politics. Cyberspace often remains the most leveraged platform to conduct information operations, as cyber firms continue to grow their global presence. Although India still has a long way to go when it comes to offensive cyber capabilities,

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Threat of cyber warfare compels India to strengthen its cyber capabilities

Cyber warfare

India is closely fighting the contest to militarise cyberspace. This has been triggered by constant attacks by foreign actors on India’s cyberspace. Several Indian firms have continued to expand the cyber-arms culture by carrying out pro-government campaigns, attempted hackings, and even providing cyber-espionage resources that could also be used for legal, government processes. The aim has been to improve the

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China and India Lock Horns on Cyber Battleground, Each Trying to Outdo the Other

Chinese Malware

India-China tussle has moved from border clashes to the cyberspace. India remained the top five cyber-attacked countries throughout the year 2020, where almost 50 percent of cyber-attacks were attributed to China alone. Chinese malware attacks were against infrastructure, financial institutions and government agencies, undermining the national security. China started using its defensive and offensive cyber capabilities as early as 2003.

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Moving from Services to Product, Lucideus Rebrands Itself as Safe Security

Safe Security

In the wake of growing cyber attacks, Indian cyber and ethical hacking firms, like Lucideus, are playing major role as protectors. From detecting to predicting cyber breaches in a zero trust hybrid world, Lucideus, backed by former Cisco Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, is digitally transforming businesses with confidence. Recently, the Palo Alto, a California-headquartered cybersecurity company, launched a new

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Top Cyberfirms that Continue to Transform India’s Cyberspace

Indian Cyberfirms

Following the continuous geopolitical tensions and rise in cyber attacks throughout the world, India is gearing up its cyber capabilities with the help of local firms. Its cyber capabilities are growing along with the rise in foreign intervention, such as China’s expansionist activity and Pakistan’s constant terror attacks, both on the ground and in cyberspace. Today, India is more or

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