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APT attacks

As cybercriminals targeted various sectors of the Indian infrastructure, including businesses and financial service firms, the country has decided to bring a section of sovereignty in the upcoming cybersecurity plan. It would not only protect Indian cyberspace against the growing APT attacks but also build up India’s cyber offensive capabilities to fight the adversaries. While speaking about the new cyber

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India is Formulating National Cyber Strategy While Building Cyberwarfare Capacity

National Cyber Strategy

Over time, state-led or non-state hybrid warfare has multiplied the cybercrime attack options with higher frequency throughout the globe. In India, geopolitical tensions have sped up the process of developing offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. In addition, the government is also looking to unveil a national cyber strategy that would holistically cover the entire Indian cyberspace ecosystem. In a recent

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Cyber Agreements Have Become Indispensable to Combat Fifth Generation Warfare

cyber agreements

Noting the need to strengthen the security of critical information infrastructure, India is actively expanding cyber agreements and cooperation with foreign nations. Moreover, it is also developing offensive cyber capabilities to regulate information exchanges, foreign agreements, and frameworks to combat cybercrime significantly. India signed MoU with many countries to promote closer cooperation for the exchange of knowledge and experience in

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Indian Startups Take on Big Tech, Join Atmanirbhar Digital India Foundation

Atmanirbhar Digital India Foundation

In view of the stagnant businesses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian startups have joined hands to form Atmanirbhar Digital India Foundation (ADIF), hoping for a better business environment. It has been expected that the indigenous startup association would act as a body representing the Indian technology firms, ensuring their growth and overall development to the country’s digital economy.

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Indian Cybersecurity Policy: COVID Impacts & Fault Lines within the Cyberspace

The Indian cybersecurity policy was established back in 2013, when the public and private infrastructure became victims of cyberattacks in India. The aim has been to create a secure cyber ecosystem in the country, enhance and strengthen the IT system and transactions in cyberspace and adoption in all sectors. But the question is how successful it has been in securing

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Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 Highlights the Emerging Tech Opportunities in India

India’s flagship event called the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 (BTS 2020) went digital with its theme ‘NEXT IS NOW’. The initiative was set to break the barriers of time and bring the world on one forum, allowing an understanding of the rapidly advancing future. The event was a step towards fulfilling the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s vision of making

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PUBG Planning India Comeback with Microsoft Azure Deal

The online multiplayer battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, is planning to make a comeback in India with the help of Microsoft. Announced by PUBG Corporation’s parent company, Krafton, the in-progress PUBG-Microsoft deal would not only help the game’s smooth return to India, but also promote Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Azure, viewed as a strong number two to Amazon Web Services

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