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Agnikul Cosmos Testfires India’s First 3D Printed Rocket Engine

Agnikul Cosmos

The Indian space programme has achieved great heights with the help of the State-owned Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). From the launch and deployment of distributed small satellite systems to carrying the scientific and exploratory missions to outer space, the list of ISRO’s contributions to the Indian space sector is huge. Today, it is actively encouraging the involvement of private

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Indian Space Program to Boost with Adoption of 100 Atal Tinkering Labs

Indian space programme

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) that focuses on the development of technologies and performs space-related tasks, would soon aid in coaching and mentoring students. The outlined plans would thereby put a major focus on the Indian space program, research, and development initiatives in the technologically advancing world. The decision to collaborate was taken by the ISRO and Atal Innovation

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AWS Announces New Business Segment to Benefit Indian Space Sector

Indian Space Sector

The achievements in the Indian space technology industry have been remarkable this year. Now, with the support of the Indian government, the private companies are successfully moving forward in this sector. Amid the increasing public-private partnerships in the technology industry, Amazon Web Services (AWS), an IT Service Management Company, announced a new business segment for India. The ‘Aerospace and Satellite

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India Continues to Unlock its Spacetech Potential amid Global competition

As an emerging nation, India is viewed to be gradually progressing in its mission of bringing innovations in space technology. From depending on foreign nations for space projects, to having its own robust launch vehicle program, the journey was never an easy one. India had to balance several aspects, while advancing as a new space power. Over a period time,

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