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social engineering

In the war of information and perception, social engineering has emerged as an important concept to target developing nations like India. Ranging from malicious activities such as breaching security to tricking users into gaining access to their sensitive data, these attacks have happened in more than one step. Roscoe Pound propounded the doctrine of social engineering, under the Sociological School

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Demands for Digital Forensics are on the Rise in India. How can you get noticed by head hunters?

Digital Forensics

The fifth generation innovation process in technology has brought more cases of cyber crimes with organisations in developing nations like India worrying for what the future may hold for them. Today, India needs more skilled people in the digital forensics field, social engineering, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, etc., for proper and efficient systems, as well as developed provisions for

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India Bolsters Cyber Capabilities amid Growing Attacks from Chinese Actors like Earth Baku

Earth Baku

An advanced persistent threat group called Earth Baku has gained a center stage for launching cyber espionage campaign on public and private entities located in the Indo-Pacific region. It’s not the first time when a Chinese cyber campaign has gained attention for carrying out cyberattacks against India. The Earth Baku group has a history of launching cyber attacks and campaigns

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