Secfence Technologies

The global surveillance cyber space has taken a centre stage over the last few years and seems to grow at a fast pace, given the changing circumstantial requirements. Apart from the various countries, which have already made a mark in advancing IT security, like Israel, US, Russia, new players are also emerging in the field from countries like India.

Indian IT giant Secfence Technologies having both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities is listed as a sponsor of Berlin’s international security conference OffensiveCon 2022, was struck from the business registry in its country of origin in 2019.Apparently it has been executing various state backed cyber surveillance operations in India and Middle East.

Yet this has not stopped Secfence from attending a host of European security conferences. It will present a seminar on operational security (OpSec) during the ISS World Europe, a gathering of intelligence support systems providers scheduled for December.

Secfence Technologies, headed by Atul Agarwal, explained that the vision of the company was to stand out from the big suppliers of vulnerabilities and develop advanced cyber-offensive operations for their clients that are harder to detect. The vision was primarily to detect unknown vulnerabilities and the development of new malware. Its main focus is on concealing attacks and hiding tracks to counter cyber attacks.

Secfence Technologies developed their capabilities to render their cyber security infrastructure to various regions around the globe, including the Middle East.  The presentation given by the company at the ISS World surveillance fair in Dubai on March 11-13 explained its potential and capability to use malware sort applications that exploits communication channels used by legitimate applications for putting a check on hostile elements.

Secfence even reveals flaws in NASA website by identifying their vulnerability as their public websites contained XSS websites. These Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are the ones in which malicious scripts are injected into otherwise trusted websites. This malicious script can access cookies, session, or even sensitive information retained by browsers and used with that site.

We can say that Indian offensive market is blooming day by day. Many Indian firms such as Phronesis, a cyber-intelligence firm by security experts Retd. Brigadier Prabhakar Bryan Miranda and Ram Chander Chhillar, has played a huge role in the fifth-generation warfare. One of its recent achievements were listed in the APT report, Monsoon.

CyberRoot Risk Advisory an Indian cyber-intelligence firm provides cyber forensics investigation, penetration testing, physical access control and security testing, wireless security, network security and mobile application audit.

Indian firm Aglaya involves security and competitiveness in the changing world by expanding the export of their cyber-surveillance technologies – intrusion software, mobile telecommunications interception equipment, cyber forensics, etc.

Above lines states that Indian Firms are getting much recognition from India as well as foreign countries.

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