Demands for Digital Forensics are on the Rise in India. How can you get noticed by head hunters?

Digital Forensics

The fifth generation innovation process in technology has brought more cases of cyber crimes with organisations in developing nations like India worrying for what the future may hold for them. Today, India needs more skilled people in the digital forensics field, social engineering, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, etc., for proper and efficient systems, as well as developed provisions for the crimes to enhance its security levels.

The process of preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence could play a crucial in investigating the cyber crimes. Hence, India is acknowledging the loopholes in the legal system, and building a broad global coalition on security issues both from an approach and partnership perspective.

Himanshu Khajuria, assistant professor, Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences, says, “Forensic science plays a critical role in the investigation of serious crimes. The court frequently relies on forensic findings for breakthroughs in crime cases.” Reinstating its importance, he added that students can work in state and central forensic laboratories at various levels.

It is important how you distinguish yourself when you are looking for a job in the field of Digital forensics. For instance, which is considered to be a premier job search portal allows you to enter certain skills as your expertise and interests. You must utilise this section for choosing right keywords.

As per our research, the most commonly searched keywords used by hiring personnel in the domain are Digital investigation, social engineering, ethical hacking certification, vulnerability management, cyber forensics, information systems security, network forensics, mobile device forensics, OSINT and Cyber investigation etc. If you are a candidate looking for job in the cyber domain it is important that you use these keywords in both your resume and the skill section of the job portal extensively to get noticed by reputed organisations.

Other than that you may also add certifications and your expertise in the domain. For instance, GCFA, one of the certifications granted by Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), a professional body established in 1999 offers a suite of more than 20 certifications which covers expertise in computer security and digital forensics. It offers the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake forensic analysis and incident investigation.

In view of the growing cyberwarfare, Indian state and local governments are predicted to hire additional digital forensic, social engineering, and information security specialists and technicians, divided in the computer, mobile device, network, and forensic data analysis and database forensics, to keep up with the demand. They are actively recruiting the best talents from the industry to prepare a cyber incident response and recovery team. This would help in supporting or refuting a hypothesis.

Since the need for computer forensics is growing consequently, individuals with both the bachelors and masters’ degree in Cyber Forensics will have the opportunity to work with the private and government bodies in India. The IT domain specialists need to have a certification in – Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE), or Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) Certification, or Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), to work as a computer forensics expert.

According to a source, the Global Digital Forensics Market is estimated to reach $7 billion by 2024. Today, the job portals like Indeed, Naukri, LinkedIn, recruit, glassdoor, simplyhired etc., are introducing the job vacancies throughout the country. Recently, indeed portal posted about the availability of 378 computer forensics job positions offered by the private sectors in different states of India.

Cyber Forensics Expert, Social Engineering, Information Systems Security, Digital Forensics Investigator, Web Penetration Tester, Information Security Investigator, Infosec Analyst and trainer, Digital Marketing Analyst, Jr. Cyber Threat Hunter are some of the jobs listed on the Indeed portal.

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn posted some 93 cyber forensics jobs on its portal, with the vacancies increasing almost every other day. Likewise, Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL) also released the recruitment notification for nearly 51 Cyber Crime Threat Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Forensics Expert and other post vacancies. The mode of inviting applicants to register for the job was online.

Usually the direct recruitment in government sector is done through Advertisement. A month ago, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) released a notification stating the need for cyber forensic examiner post on deputation basis in Delhi Central government for the year 2021-22. Joining a major IT company could be another way to get opportunities to work in government projects.

Such appointments have been considered necessary for the holistic and integrated approach to the growing cyber threat problem. This will further help in responding to the potential cyber threats, and create deterrence and reinstate security to the business and technology platforms in the country.

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