Indian Cyber Companies Have the Potential to Help Qatar in FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022

The cyber threats followed by the adoption of digital methods and platforms have brought forward firms providing cyber solutions nationally and globally. India that has long branded itself as the world’s leading outsourcing destination for global companies, particularly in the technology sector, is trying to catch up with global leaders in developing government-oriented cyber solutions.

India’s position in product offering, upgradation of process, quality, delivery models and talent space has subsequently improved amid steady growth in cybercrimes. After establishing a foothold in the corporate and government sectors, the Indian cyber firms are now expanding to gain traction in the Middle Eastern market. The upcoming major events like FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar, have opened new opportunities for India.

Over time, the sports events have majorly been subjected to disruptive cyber attacks. From fraud, financial scams and spam emails to phishing and malware, the attacks to trick users have come in every possible way.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia observed several examples of successful social engineering techniques that tricked users into downloading malware. Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the nation had to neutralise almost 25 million cyber attacks and other criminal acts that were linked to the World Cup.

Understanding the magnitude of the growing cyberspace threats, Qatar is taking extra measures and gaining all the cyber help for the preparation of FIFA World Cup 2022. It is also signing pacts on cyberspace cooperation, combating cybercrime and intelligence sharing with India.

A continuous flow of real-time threat intelligence and cyber capabilities from India will provide a greater understanding of the potential threats and help in mitigating vulnerabilities. Overall, it would reduce the likelihood of more wide scale attacks.

Firms like Paladion Networks led by Chairman and CEO Rajat Mohanty, ClearTrail Technologies by Praveen Kankariya etc., have actively strengthened India’s intelligence, offensive and defensive infrastructure. Almost all of these companies have been looking to expand in the Middle East, and Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is an excellent opportunity. These firms have the ability to fight Qatar’s upcoming cyber battle.

In 2016, Paladion Networks showcased an active cyber security model in a conference held in Doha to defend against the modern advanced persistent threats. The firm offers solutions that can break through the SSL security protocol, and has the specialty of monitoring the social networks for security purpose.

Paladion has also brought advancements in security intelligence and its integration into everyday security operations. The firm has now been acquired by US-based Atos, a global leader in digital transformation that continues to build its cybersecurity potential.

Likewise, ClearTrail has also displayed capabilities to fight against a wide range of cyber threats from across the world. The products offered by ClearTrail technologies have improved India’s cyber-surveillance sector in comparison to the other third-world countries. All these firms have offered services in the Middle East.

Meanwhile other Indian firms like CyberRoot Risk Advisory Group, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic, Orion Security Solutions, etc. are offering penetration testing, and cyber forensics services to the government. CyberRoot has offered network security and mobile application audit to businesses in Middle East and Asia. It was previously involved in a controversial incident of Farhad Azima’s hack-and-leak case.

CyberRoot provides cyber forensics investigation, penetration testing, physical access control and security testing, wireless security, network security and mobile application audit. Similarly, Pyramid has also set up some of the best and prestigious Digital Forensic Labs in Asia, the Middle East & Africa. It provides prevention, detection, resolution of cybercrimes, security breaches, and digital frauds. The firm is upgrading its niche to Digital Crime, Fraud & Forensic Solutions, and Services.

ORIONSECURE has a presence in countries such as UAE, Bahrain, and Finland through group entities. Based on the capabilities, regional collaboration and investments, these companies have a strong potential of serving Qatar in FIFA World Cup 2022.

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