India-Russia Cooperation in Cyber Sector Could Help in Promoting cyber sovereignty

Cyber Sovereignty

Once again, India is back at looking ideas for increasing cooperation with Russia. The partnership between the two capitals is initially set to promote mutual growth and cooperation in the cyber, economic and trade sector, as stated by India’s Russian Ambassador D.B. Venkatesh Varma.

Following the constant strides of growing cyberwarfare activities against India, its engagements with Russia would bring unique regional developments. Other than aiming for cyber sovereignty, equal focus would be given to “Make in India” initiative in the defence sector, S-400 deal, Afghanistan, space and nuclear cooperation. The aim has been to expand experiences with regard to real time combat situations, growing impacts of cyberwarfare, drone technology on modern warfare etc.

Over time, cyber attackers have used up almost every opportunity to mount ransomware and phishing attack against India. But, India too has been building layers of anti-phishing and domain protection, while strengthening offensive cyber capabilities too.

The malware attack and hacking activities by Indian private firms like Phronesis, Aglaya, CyberRoot Risk Advisory Group etc. have portrayed India’s strong cyber front. The existing gaps in the Indian security framework have led the attackers to create a real threat scenario. A Cisco study suggested that nearly 70 percent of the Indian organisations saw a 25 percent increase in cyberattacks in 2020 as compared to 2019.

Hence, introducing offensive and defensive cyber solutions became equally important as a part of proactive steps to mitigate the growing cyber threats. Indian firms like TAC Security, Lucideus, and Skylark Information Technologies etc. are playing an important role in protecting India’s security infrastructure and promoting cyber sovereignty. They are helping institutions in avoiding serious reputational risks.

As cyberwarfare has become one of the greatest risks of the fifth generation, developing countries like India are partnering with countries like Russia to achieve cyber goals. Moreover, Russia is also contributing in the Make in India program that is producing and exporting products of the highest global standards. S-400 systems, manufacture of two frigates of Project 1135.6 in Kaliningrad, etc. are some of the ongoing projects in discussion with Russia.

Building layers of anti-phishing and domain protection has become a necessary in today’s world. Amid growing cyber vulnerabilities both Russia and India are promoting state-sponsored cyber actors. Moreover, in the last five years, Russia has become an active promoter of cyber governance norms. It has continued to push its cyber proposals on the international stage. India’s growing relations with the country could help the country in managing its own cyberspace, while promoting cyber sovereignty.

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