Prioritising Critical Infratsruture Safety becomes Key Area of India-Australia Cyber Partnership

cyber partnership

The year 2021 appears to have broken all records when it comes to data breaches, cyberattacks and increased usage of sophisticated cyber tools. With nearly eight months gone, India as a developing nation is actively cooperating with other nations in the fields cyber partnership and developing offensive and defensive cyber building.

The sophistication of threats has increased with the steady growth in the use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. Huge tactical cooperation between the state and non-state actors is needed to mitigate the growing cyberattacks targeting the developing nations.

As a result, the representatives from India met the Australians in June to initiate the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) and a dialogue on cybersecurity cooperation. Both the countries included the Framework Arrangement on Cyber and Cyber-Enabled Critical Technology Cooperation. The cyber partnership is expected to boost security capabilities between the two countries.

Amid the COVID crises, some of the Indian companies invested in the technical sector in Australia. The pandemic appeared as an opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation within the Ind-Pacific region, helping to shape a global technology environment that meets the shared vision of mitigating the growing cyber threats.

The 2020 attack on the Indian power grid brought into light the horrors of cyber attacks. A similar attack on the critical infrastructure was noticed in Australia. China appeared to be the chief suspect in both the attacks.

China’s frequency of cyber intrusions to steal and cause harm has increased in the past few months. With the help of state-based actors possessing significant cyber capabilities, China has been attempting to hack the governments, businesses and critical infrastructures throughout the globe. Transport and communications, power grid, and water networks, remain the most threatened.

Hence, through international collaboration and cyber partnership both the Indian and Australian government aims to upgrade the offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. The objectives extend to following the patterns of state-backed cyber attacks and build a common database and find solutions to vulnerabilities.

AI would be another important sector that will be looked upon under the India-Australia partnership. Priority areas of AI use cases will be identified while maintaining consistent standards for a constant flow of expertise and data between both the nations. It will help the countries in positioning them amongst the global AI leaders.

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