Cybersecurity cooperation with Sri Lanka will aid India in navigating emerging cyber risks

Indian firms

In the wake of growing cybercrime-related incidents, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives agreed to cooperate on “four pillars” of security cooperation, one of which included cybersecurity. The virtual discussion took place nearly 9 months after Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval visited Colombo to expand the scope of intelligence sharing of Indian firms.

When looking back at the history, one could easily find several incidences of India and Sri Lanka’s collaboration in cybersecurity and ICT sector. A Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in IT & Electronics, which also expanded to cybersecurity sector, was signed between the two countries in 2018. Both have committed to offer all assistance to each other based on priorities and requirements.

Other than country-wise associations, many Indian private players have also been serving in and to Sri-Lanka. Following are the names and specifications of few Indian firms actively working in Sri Lanka:

eSec Forte Technologies 

It is one of the few Indian firms that have a CMMI level three certification for global consulting and IT services. It offers Infosec Services, Forensic Services, Malware Detection, Security Audit, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing and Risk Assessment.

eSec Forte is an authorised technology partners of information security solutions with several firms like Tufin, Atola Technology, Cyber Deception and more. ESec also manufactures CrackBox, their proprietary tool for password breaking/cracking and have offices in Gurgaon (Headquarters), Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

TekSek Cyber Security

It is another Indian firm that provides a wide range of cyber security solutions, from security audits to data security standard compliance certifications, to clients in Banking, Payment Processing & Government. It is looking to expand its reach to Sri Lanka and other regional nations. For now, it is the exclusive sales & marketing partner for Cyber Security Works in the Sri Lankan territory.

Its specialties include PCI-DSS, PCI-ASV, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management as a Service, Managed Security Services.

infySEC Information Security Services

The firm offers effective consulting and expert security services that actualize solutions to mitigate security risk, data breach, ensure compliance and accelerate business objectives. Its team of expertise includes security defense, control and assurance and redteam testing. It also provides CEH certifications, information security management trainings and governance risk & compliance. It has a branch office in Sri Lanka.

Apart from Sri Lanka, Indian private players are also serving to other global governments. Phronesis, Aglaya, ClearTrail technologies, TAC Security, Sectona etc. are some of the Indian firms that offer offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to the foreign governments too. Phronesis, TAC Security, and Aglaya have even expanded and served the Middle Eastern countries.

In context of improving cyberspace, India has over time remained proactive and even hosted discussions and signed cybersecurity agreements with the European member-states, US, Russia, Israel etc. It has also cooperated with the European Union in matters that have the potential to evolve into cyber-threats and cyber incidents. In 2018, the EU Cyber Direct Project hosted a discussion on the future of Indo-European cooperation in cyberspace.

Today, India is seeking strengthening law enforcement cooperation to address cyber-crime, promoting capacity building in cyber-forensic and matters related to cyber evidence, and sharing expertise on best practices for the protection of critical information infrastructure area.

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