Deepak Gupta

India, which was one of the first countries to implement a cybersecurity strategy in 2013, is now home to several cybersecurity specialists. Following the nature of cyberattacks, the Indian experts have consistently made efforts to warn the nation and called for stricter cyber laws. Deepak Gupta is one of the many cybersecurity experts that have played an important role in realising India’s vision of keeping cyberspacesafe, secure, and resilient, following national security.

Despite being a technology pioneer and an active participant in the global process of defining cyberspace, India has been frequently targeted by adversaries. Its role in the international cyber arena has always been full of challenges.

The constant attacks by South Asian adversaries have addressed the need for cybersecurity experts that could analyse and assess potential security threats, build offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, contribute to foreign partnerships, and help in developing a multi-layered National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Over time, the critical Indian infrastructure of health, education, end-user station, nuclear sector, etc. has opened the country to a Trojan horse situation.As businesses throughout the world are going online, Deepak Gupta believes that protecting the mainframe systems and other devices against all forms of data breaches is of utmost importance.

To help people understand the concept of cybersecurity, whilst achieving the objective to improve security systems, Deepak started LoginRadius in partnership with Rakesh Soni, in 2012. Based in San Francisco, California, USA, LoginRadius is a cloud-based SaaS Consumer Identity and Access Management platform. It provides a Single Customer View with data aggregated to one record and nearly has 200 pre-built integrations.

Having spent nearly 15 years in the field of cybersecurity, Deepak Gupta has emerged as a valuable identity throughout India. Tech Story, Security Magazine, and The Digital Yug have all featured his accomplishments as a successful cybersecurity expert and business. Deepak even became the man of the hour on many forums that talked about the latest information and called for his insight regarding the basic structure of SaaS architecture, cybersecurity, IT, and AI.

In the age of digitalisation and cybercrimes, it is important to ensure that the sites are safe and secured to stop criminals and hackers. Similar to Deepak Gupta, many other cybersecurity experts have established firms to protect and secure the data privacy of people and companies.

Trishneet Arora’s TAC Security is one such Indian firm that has gained huge attention in the field of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and web defence. In the wake of multiplied cyber threats through spear-phishing tools, the firm launched its dark web threat intelligence solution ESOF-DarkSec (Enterprise security in one framework) earlier this year.

Saket Modi’s Safe Security formerly known as Lucideus is another Indian cybersecurity firm that has been actively responding to cyber threats for a long time now. In December, it launched the ‘SAFE Me’ app for consumers to suit the diverse range of business-level cybersecurity needs.

All of these companies have given end-to-end cybersecurity while aiming for worldwide expansion, similar to Deepak Gupta, who founded LoginRadius from the ground up amid the global cybersecurity crisis. Today, he has reached over 1 billion users and serving over 150,000 developers worldwide.

All thanks to the cybersecurity experts and their unwavering commitment, research, and invention that the IT sector is thriving even when cyber threats are at their pinnacle.

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