ClearTrail Technologies Rises to prominence as a provider of intelligence services similar to Aglaya

ClearTrail Technologies

Amid the growing cyberwarfare activities throughout the globe, India is preparing to expand its intelligence network with the help of private firms. The aim is to enhance information gathering networks to curb cyber terror activities.

Today, the Indian firms supplying surveillance equipment are not only doubling their ground locations in the country but also in foreign nations. ClearTrail Technologies and Aglaya are two Indian firms that have long aimed to ensure security and competitiveness in the changing world by expanding the export of their cyber-surveillance technologies – intrusion software, mobile telecommunications interception equipment, cyber forensics, etc.

The range and diversity of products offered by these Indian firms have improved the country’s cyber-surveillance sector in comparison to the other third-world countries. The factors like compliance costs, quality, and reliability played a key role in the competition.

A 2015 report stating the data and information collection for EU dual-use export control policy review recognised ClearTrail Technologies and Aglaya as the leading Asian firms producing and exporting intrusion software outside the EU. The production and use of intrusion software have comparatively increased in recent years. Several private firms in Asia, the Middle East, and even the US are now emerging as providers of their own intrusion software.

Set up by Praveen Kankariya, an Indore-based computer engineer, ClearTrail Technologies is a renowned lawful interception solution provider offering a wide range of communication interception solutions, monitoring & analytics solutions to intelligence agencies that conduct mission-critical operations to neutralise threats & solve the crime.

Indore-based ClearTrail Technologies provides somewhat similar services as New Delhi-based Aglaya which made headlines for having active links with the world of consumer malware and innovative technology. The latter was also involved with the UAE-headquartered cybersecurity firm, Dark Matter, which was assembling an army of hackers from around the world to help the UAE government accomplish its vested interests.

In 2013, ClearTrail Technologies along with another Indian firm – Shoghi Communications were referred to as part of a global ‘mass surveillance industry’, developing or selling systems for monitoring computers, mobile phones, and emails of unsuspecting masses. They were even named as key suppliers of surveillance equipment to the Indian armed forces and intelligence agencies by the ‘Spy Files’ project of whistleblower website – WikiLeaks.

Shoghi Communications Ltd. has been providing innovatively integrated electronic systems, products, and services to global contractors, military forces, and intelligence agencies of nation-states for some time now. It also provides electronic warfare technology, jammers, systems for airborne and ground platforms, etc. The firm has actively participated in major defence exhibitions around the world, like the Africa Aerospace & Defense show in Centurion in Pretoria or the King Abdullah Airbase show in Amman in Jordan.

It appears that India is certainly following the “Make in India” initiative to improve the cyber sector. In the world of cyberwarfare, firms like Aglaya, ClearTrail Technologies, and Shoghi Communications are playing an important role in strengthening India’s intelligence infrastructure and capabilities. Further, minimising the gaps between credible technology and the security industry would help the country in solving the modern-day security challenges.


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