Major Indian Firms Providing Penetration Testing and Cyber Forensics

Indian firms

The steady increase in cyberwarfare activities throughout the globe has motivated countries to build offensive and defensive capabilities. Countries like the US, UK, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, etc. have been launching cyber operations on the developing nations, extending the nature of war.

In the wake of steady growth in the nation-state-sponsored attacks, world nations including India have made cybersecurity a top priority. Several Indian firms have come forward to offer cyber forensics and penetration testing services to the government and agencies at the national and global levels.

Five major Indian firms that have major clients in the corporate, banking, and government sectors are as follows:

  1. Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS)
  3. Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic
  4. Orion Security Solutions
  5. 3rd Eye Techno Solutions

Some of the above-mentioned companies like Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd and Indian Cybersecurity Solutions are also leading providers of penetration testing services and cyber forensics.

Established in 2012 in Noida, India, Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted established standards to protect businesses and brands from cyber threat attacks. Its services include Network/Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Phishing/Fraud Monitoring Tool, and also avails Real-Time Attack Simulation. It has helped 80+ companies including some Fortune 500 and leading startups across the globe.

On the other hand, Indian Cyber Security Solutions is known for working with government agencies and corporate houses. Incorporated in Kolkata in 2013, the firm provides cybersecurity training services to prevent the system from data leaks and privacy violations. Its services include Web/Network/Android Penetration Testing, Secure Web Development, Secure Code Review, etc.

The other three companies such are Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic, Orion Security Solutions, and 3rd Eye Techno Solutions are providers of cyber forensics services.

Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic is a firm in New Delhi, which has also been listed under the 10 most important cyber forensic providers mentioned by Silicon India. It specialises in Digital Forensics & Cyber Intelligence, Fraud Management, and Information Security. It provides for the prevention, detection, resolution of cybercrimes, security breaches, and digital frauds. At present, the Pyramid team of experts is preparing to take the start-up to a position of leadership in the niche space of Digital Crime, Fraud & Forensic Solutions, and Services.

The Indian cybersecurity firms help customers in government, law enforcement, and enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve and protect from threats, crimes, breaches & frauds arising due to misuse of digital & communication devices, applications, and technologies. It has also set up some of the best and prestigious Digital Forensic Labs in Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

Meanwhile, another New Delhi-based firm Orion Security Solutions (OSS) has developed a comprehensive, enterprise solution for individual & enterprise customers, to secure against threats & attacks. It provides tailored intelligence services and customises services according to the needs of the clients. It also provides VAPT services to clients and the government.

Today, ORIONSECURE has a presence in countries such as UAE, Bahrain, and Finland through group entities. In UAE and Bahrain, the firm operates through Universal Security Services LLC, Ascertain Holding Co. S.P.C And Orion Fire & Safety International L.L.C. Respectively.

The 3rd Eye Techno Solutions provides digital investigation solutions, services, and training to the government and private sector which includes video forensics, digital forensics solutions, student management system, customised software solutions, and services. It is a certified company that serves both the govt. & corporate sector in India.

While cybercrime is on the rise across India, these firms have appeared to be the most reliable and knowledgeable cyber and digital forensic partners in the country. They have constantly aimed to control the hacking activities happening while identifying and tracking the hackers to secure Indian cyberspace.

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