Indian Mogul Anant Bindal Expands Offensive Cyber Business in UAE through Stratign

Anant Bindal

The rapid growth of cyberspaces throughout the world has brought an increase in cybersecurity-related bilateral agreements. To understand the extensive nature of the cyber threat, whilst securing cyberspaces, the countries are collaborating on cybersecurity efforts and initiatives at a global level. The aim has been to expand their cyber business and gain global recognition.

Recently, an Indian mogul – Anant Bindal’s ties with a Dubai-based Cyber Intelligence Company, have been reappeared. The Indian businessman is the director at Shoghi Communications Ltd., a firm that provides innovatively integrated electronic systems, products, and services to global contractors, military forces, and intelligence agencies of nation-states.

Based at Shoghi in Himachal Pradesh, the firm in the late 2000s claimed to have a variety of domestically produced interceptions technology to win a contract worth more than $200m. As per the contract, the firm had to supply IMSI-catchers and COMINT technologies to India’s external intelligence service – Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW).

In the subsequent years, Anant Bindal’s new business in the UAE helped the Indian cyber intelligence industry to improve. Since 2002, Stratign has been providing high-grade state-of-the-art communication intelligence solutions to defence and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The user-friendliness and capabilities of these systems have made the Dubai-based Cyber Intelligence Company very popular.

Indian citizens make up the majority of the firm’s workforce. Anurag Kumar Mishra, ex-employee of the cybersecurity firm Secez and Radhakrishna Shibu, from the Indian Army, are the two examples. Recently, the Anant Bindal Company added new interceptions solutions to its product line – an SUV loaded with intelligence-gathering tools. From an IMSI catcher to facial recognition technology all the facilities are integrated into a single platform.

Though Stratign presents itself as a producer, it distributes other firms’ solutions as if they were its own, and occasionally uses them in its products. The material-loaded SUV has become much popular amongst the intelligence agencies that require real-time information flows.

Over time, the UAE has become a land of opportunity for Indian cyber intelligence firms. Amid the growing cyber-attacks, both countries have collaborated on enhancing cyber capabilities. Like Anant Bindal, another Indian veteran Brigadier Ram Chillar (Retd.) attempted to expand his newly founded cybersecurity industry in Dubai, UAE.

Phronesis Corporate Intelligence Services became popular in the UAE for its in-depth intelligence and due diligence that it provides for highly complex situations. The firm helped its clients in recognising business opportunities and increased their organisation’s reputation online. It organises the annual hacking trade fair ‘Cyph3r’ in Dubai, sponsored by part-publicly owned UAE entities. Post the success of Phronesis, Brigadier Ram Chillar co-founded several cybersecurity companies in India and Dubai. Corenesis, created in Dubai, is another of his companies that specialise in pentests and cyber forensics.

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