Indian Hackers Carve Out a Remarkable Niche for Themselves on Global Stage

Indian Hackers

The rapid changes in the business models and the working of organisations has not only evolved daily lives and communication, but also generated new threats in the cyberspace. The development of new models, services and products have brought changes in the landscape of security, which today remains undermined at the hands of the hackers.

To save the trouble come ethical hackers with extensive knowledge of information security and measures to secure an organisation’s assets. They have skills to improve the security of networks, systems, and applications, utilising different methods to exploit computer systems and discover vulnerabilities. A data suggests that the number of hacker-powered security programmes in the Asia-Pacific region, has grown by 30 per cent year on year.

Ethical hacking is not a new concept in India, where the efforts to cyber security have surged three-fold with evolving cybercrime activities. India has several young individuals that possess hacking skills. They have even done hacking with the legal permission of companies to test and increase the security of their systems and networks. In an era of digital transformation, these hackers fall in the list of top hackers in India.

1.Trishneet Arora: Founder and CEO of TAC Security, a cybersecurity startup, Trishneet Arora is considered one of the youngest ethical hackers in India. He started the company back in 2013 with the motto – ‘Hack it yourself, before you get hacked’.

Amid the changing cyber security landscape, TAC Security became the first Indian cybersecurity company to work with a US government law enforcement agency. This Indian firm analyses the behaviour and tactics used by malicious hackers to target digital assets of thousands of companies around the world. It also has an office in Dubai.

Today, TAC security has tested more than 300+ mobile applications. Moreover, Arora with his hacking skills has actively helped his clients – National Corporation of India, Punjab National Bank, Amul amongst others.


Trishneet Arora

2.Shivam Vashist: A hacker from north India, Shivam Vashist is associated with San Francisco-based HackerOne, a vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform and boasts of clients like Starbucks, Instagram, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Zomato and OnePlus.

Vashist opted for hacking as a full-time career and today is well known by his handle @Bull He believes that computer security has not been prioritised in a digitised India, a fact that has left more unchecked vulnerabilities in computer systems.

Cybersecurity awareness, education about security solutions and reaching out to the community of ethical hackers are some of the ways with which India could become cybersecure in the near future.

Vashist once said, “Hacking gives me a high when I am able to think of creative ways to tackle the challenges and discover vulnerabilities that no one has yet found.”

Shivam vash

3.Anand Prakash: Also a security researcher, Anand Prakash is renowned for finding bugs in some of the most popular apps and websites throughout the world. As an ethical hacker, he has earned huge prizes from companies that allowed him to hack their systems and show them their security flaws.

Over time, Anand has discovered vulnerabilities at companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber.

Anand is ranked in Facebook’s top list of bounty hunters and third in Twitter’s bounty program, globally. He has personally helped more than 400 companies around the world to become more secure.

In 2017, he was also featured in Forbes “30 under 30” for enterprise technology in Asia.

 Anand prakash

4.Deepanshu Kher: The former Delhi-based IT consultant, with a superior talent for interpreting customer requirements, has delivered several budget solutions to maximise business performance and reduce costs, both domestically and internationally.

N 2017, Kher was employed by an IT consulting firm. In the same year, the consulting firm was hired by the Carlsbad Company to assist with its migration to a Microsoft Office 365 (MS O365) environment.

However, until recently he used his hacking skills to access the server of California-based Carlsbad Company and deleted over 1,200 of its 1,500 Microsoft user accounts.

Deepanshu Kher

5.Brigadier Ram Chillar (Retd.): One of the greatest cybersecurity and defence experts in India, Ram Chhillar demonstrated huge abilities in strategic leadership. He took retirement from military in 2014. Later, he co-founded cybersecurity companies both in India and Dubai, considering the real-world cyber threats.

Phronesis Corporate Intelligence Services is one such cyber-intelligence firm that Ram Chillar established along with partner Retired Brigadier Prabhakar Bryan Miranda. The firm offered a blend of corporate intelligence and corporate communication services amid the changing cyber landscape.

Through the medium of firms like Phronesis, Ram Chillar responded to the pressing need of the hour in the wake of growing cyber attacks. Not only did it provide security services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, but also performed hacking and vulnerability testing for threat validation.

Brig. Ram Chhillar


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