Moving from Services to Product, Lucideus Rebrands Itself as Safe Security

Safe Security

In the wake of growing cyber attacks, Indian cyber and ethical hacking firms, like Lucideus, are playing major role as protectors. From detecting to predicting cyber breaches in a zero trust hybrid world, Lucideus, backed by former Cisco Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, is digitally transforming businesses with confidence.

Recently, the Palo Alto, a California-headquartered cybersecurity company, launched a new brand identity after its product SAFE [Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises] platform. It has been said that the start-up is basically hitting refresh with its unified brand approach – Safe Security, a global pioneer in Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification (CRQ). It is basically a move from services to a product company and would help businesses and consumers measure and mitigate cyber risks in real-time.

Cyber risks have become an informed business decision with Safe Security. Its critical insight to the leading businesses through its enterprise-wide, objective, unified and real-time Cybersecurity & Digital Business Risk quantification platform is helping businesses grow on wide scale. Its AI and machine learning-powered SAFE platform has earned Fortune 500 clients globally. The firm even experienced a 250% growth in the year 2020 and is actively working towards understanding the reality and risks of a digital-first world.

Lucideus has been actively responding to cyber threats for a long time now. Throughout the first five years of its incorporation, the firm built a solid reputation in pen testing and Red Team work. In 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) hired the Indian startup to secure its Unified Payments Interface (UPI) from the malicious intent of the online hackers. Moreover, it has also been handling the end-to-end cyber security assessment of the BHIM Payments Application, launched by the government of India.

In June 2020, Lucideus collaborated with Tech Mahindra Ltd., a leading provider of digital transformation, to conduct annual cybersecurity risk assessment for global organisations. The initiative, branded as ‘Most Admired Cyber-Secure Enterprise’ (MACE), aimed at measuring and mitigating prevailing global cyber risks and vulnerabilities in real-time.

In December, the Indian cybersecurity firm launched the ‘SAFE Me‘ app for the consumers to suit the diverse range of business-level cybersecurity needs. It provided the users with insights on aspects like security and their exposure on the dark web, while leveraging Safe Security’s proprietary ‘breach likelihood scoring algorithm’, built as joint research with MIT.

The growing dependence on internet and increasing cybercrimes during the lockdown period also encouraged several schools to organise ethical hacking and cybersecurity workshops and courses for students. Rahul Tyagi, Co-founder, Safe Security, said that the firm organised virtual workshops for around 12-14 schools a month.

With its growing popularity, Lucideus even became one of the winners of the National Startup Awards 2020 under the security sector. Now that the firm has rebranded itself, it is aiming for global expansion.

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