Top Cyberfirms that Continue to Transform India’s Cyberspace

Indian Cyberfirms

Following the continuous geopolitical tensions and rise in cyber attacks throughout the world, India is gearing up its cyber capabilities with the help of local firms. Its cyber capabilities are growing along with the rise in foreign intervention, such as China’s expansionist activity and Pakistan’s constant terror attacks, both on the ground and in cyberspace. Today, India is more or less at par with Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea, countries that have, over the years, acquired unparalleled cyber capabilities.

To counter the increased cyber threats, several Indian cyberfirms are strengthening the nation’s offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. The defend-forward rule of acting in advance to avoid being attacked always has an amplifying impact on attackers. To fulfill the objective, a revision was even made to the formulated Foreign Trade Act in 2020. The provision prohibited exporting of software specially designed or modified for the conduct of military cyber operations.

Similarly, the cyber offensive capabilities have reshaped the cyber balance of power, enabling its use from geopolitical expansion to the nation-states directly. It has totally blurred the line between spies and non-state malicious hackers. As India slowly became a victim of cybercrime and espionage, many of the local startups accelerated efforts to develop cyber tools. Such an act was deemed necessary to tackle the attacks and maintain the global balance of power.

A report by the Data Security Council of India suggested that the number of Indian cyberfirms providing security products grew to 225 during the COVID times. Simultaneously, the revenue doubled to over $1 billion in 2020. The Make in India initiative acted as a boon for the fast development in Indian cyberspace.

Some of the top cybersecurity startups helping India pick up the pace in the cyber sector are:

TAC security

TAC Security: Founded by Trishneet Arora in 2013, the Indian startup is a pioneer in risk and vulnerability management. It manages 5+ million vulnerabilities through its Artificial intelligence (AI) based Vulnerability Management Platform ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework). Its offices are located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, New York, and Albuquerque.

TAC Security combines the widest view of vulnerability and risk data across the enterprise to create insightful cyber risk scores. Moreover, it protects Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises, and governments around the world.


Securden: Incorporated by ex-Zoho executives Balasubramanian Venkatramani and Kumaran Balan in 2018, this Indian cybersecurity startup is a leading supplier of Privileged Access Governance Tools. It works on preventing cyberattacks, malware propagation, and insider exploitation by uniquely combining the zero-trust architecture’s critical security principles, least privilege enforcement, and continuous risk assessment.

Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Securden also has an office in Chennai, India. During the COVID lockdowns, Securden catered to the needs of the remote workforce by offering remote access solution for IT staff and an end-point permissions management tool for remote employees. Recently, it announced the introduction of a fully-integrated Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform.

Unlike other Indian cyberfirms, Securden has been listed as the top password management software in the Middle East.

ProphazeProphaze: Founded by Vaisakh Rajeevan, it is another of the emerging cybersecurity startups in India that provides enterprises with all the services, including the solutions needed to secure the web assets from cyberthreats, bots, attacks, misconfiguration, and patch vulnerabilities.

Headquartered in Cochin, Kerala, Prophaze offers Docker Security using WAF Container, Web Application Firewall for Kubernetes Platform, OWASP TOP 10, API Security, etc.

wijungleWiJungle: Founded in 2014, this Jaipur-based startup emerged as the Government’s New Face of Cyber Security. It has been developing and marketing a unified network security gateway to organisations across 25+ countries, worldwide.

On the basis of its innovation and global prominence, WiJungle was awarded the ‘MEASA New Product Innovation Award of the Year 2019 – Cyber Security’ during the 17th edition, Frost & Sullivan’s India ICT awards 2019. The MeitY even listed it as the most secure solution for the work from home environment.

Today, the Indian cyberfirm serves government and private giants across industry verticals like hospitality, healthcare, education, BFSI, retail, defense, transportation, ITES, etc.

Aristi LabsAristi Labs: Bhopal-based Aristi Labs offers security solutions to help businesses protect data and intellectual property. Founded by Utkarsh Bhargava in 2016, the startup’s core product ‘Securign’ provides a security information and event management platform (SIEM) to help businesses with threat detection capabilities across the cloud and on-premises landscape. The Indian Army is one of its clients for the Securign software.

Aristi signed a deal with Portuguese company Exploit Hunters in 2020 and has plans to expand its business in the US and European markets.

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