TAC Security goes global with its latest Threat Intelligence Solution

TAC Security

Amid constantly growing cyber attacks, Trishneet Arora’s TAC Security has continued to gain huge attention in the fields of cybersecurity, ethical hacking and web defence. With its latest dark web threat intelligence solution – ESOF-DarkSec (Enterprise security in one framework) – the Mumbai-based firm is now beginning to announce itself as a player in the global market.

Founded a year after the famous enterprise cybersecurity platforms company, Lucideus, in 2013, TAC Security has been constantly expanding operations in the Australian and European markets. The Indian firm has promoted the ‘Make in India’ campaign and worked with Fortune 500 companies. It is also one of the Empanelled Cyber Security Auditors for the Union Government.

Recently, Trishneet Arora was accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. “Hack it yourself, before you get hacked” is the motto followed by the TAC Security founder, who would now have access to a variety of exclusive opportunities, deemed useful in enhancing business. He aims to make TAC Security, the Google of cybersecurity.

TAC Security’s ESOF-DarkSec is a groundbreaking solution that was brought following the constant increases in the dark web exposures. It is expected to help inform business entities about the vulnerabilities of their infrastructure so they can secure their endpoints and networks against potential threats.

Not only will the product evaluate data theft vulnerabilities, but also help the enterprises detect, measure, and identify the type of data available on the dark web about their companies, thereby securing the entire IT Infrastructure.

Chris Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer, TAC Security, acknowledged that the cyber threats multiplied through spear-phishing tool, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The constant data breaches have jeopardised sensitive information of the government, businesses and individuals.

Promoting ESOF-DarkSec, Fisher said, “We hope that the product will help inform business entities about the vulnerabilities of their infrastructure so they can secure their endpoints and networks against potential threats.”

Moreover, the TAC Security product provides a dark web organisation risk score on a scale from 0 to 10. Based on the scans, the solution’s subscription plan is s available in three tiers: Basic, Platinum and Premium. Banks, large enterprises, healthcare, government departments, and defence would be its major target.

In the wake of an increasing number of attacks against company portals, TAC Security has provided vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to several companies. Besides serving the Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, the company has helped Punjab and Gujarat police in investigating cybercrimes.

Globally, TAC Security has a presence in Singapore, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. The funding from several investors has helped it to continue to expand its operations. It will soon roll out its dark web threat intelligence solution in the North American and African market. This would in turn expand the Indian firm’s presence across the globe.

The way ecosystems are scaling at present, it’s obvious that if the cyber firms don’t remain persistent in providing the highest level of privacy controls, security will become a blind spot and vulnerabilities will emerge and even go unnoticed in the next five years.

TAC Security is one of many Indian firms that has geared up its efforts in offering cyber assets’ protection and conducting vulnerability assessment of companies and government agencies to combat cyber attacks.

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