Indian Cyber Expert Meet Mieet Shah Stresses the Need for Robust Security System

Meet Mieet Shah

In view of the lack of a robust security policy that has given rise to increasing cyber attacks, Meet Mieet Shah, a Cyber Security Expert, is bringing forth methods to help protect India from the cyber threats. The lack of awareness and understanding of cyber risks has led to a surge in online fraud, scam and data breaches, making India the third most-affected country in 2020 to have fallen victim to cyber attacks.

Meet Mieet Shah aims to provide efficient and robust security system needed in the constantly evolving world. The young expert achieved his PhD in cybersecurity at the age of 19, when most people struggle to find the right career path. Today, he is the founder and director of “Cybermatricks” and “Vaulttizee Advance Cloud Computing”, known to be the two most successful companies that provide best cyber security solutions and services.

Cybermatricks has been affiliated to most of the Cyber Cells and provides expertise in Cyber Consulting, Cyber Crime Investigation, and Security Audits. Additionally, it offers Algorithm-based security that is more secure than any anti-viruses or hardware security appliances. Vaulttizee, on the other hand, is a cloud computing firm that provides variety of cloud services, such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and WaaS. Both the firms were brought into action by Meet Mieet Shah, in 2015 in Gujarat, India.

Dr. Shah possesses knowledge of Cyber consulting, Cyber psychological counselling, Cybercrime investigation and Cyber threat prevention. He has been leading the Cyber Safe India campaign since its initiation in 2018. It spreads awareness about the cybercrimes and threats by setting up camps through different parts of India.

Meet Mieet Shah has been known for his Ransomware Security System that provides guaranteed protection to its users. For some time now, he has remained a guest of honour in various national and international shows that focused on spreading cybercrime awareness and prevention methods. His in-depth knowledge about AI and related platforms motivated him to create automated systems. He even trained the Gujarat Police Department in field of Cyber Security and has played major role in capturing many criminals. 

Shah and his great works have also been listed in the Gujarat book of records. It stated that Shah has solved more than 600 cases related with the cybersecurity and frauds. Forbes India declared him to be one of the top cyber security experts in December. Meanwhile, SiliconIndia also listed him under the top 10 cybersecurity consultants in India.

Several Indian Print Medias, like DivyaBhaskar, Sandesh, Patrika and more, have recognised Meet Mieet Shah for his professionalism and even published his articles multiple times. He is one of the youngest brilliant minds in India who is focused on working towards cyber threat prevention. He is aware of the fact that the cyber world knows no bounds and is thereby evolving the cybersecurity solutions without leaving any corners unexplored.

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