Chinese Hackers Launch New Attacks Targeting Indian E-Shoppers

chinese hackers

CyberPeace Foundation, a cybersecurity think tank, reported that hackers from Chinese provinces, Guangdong and Henan, have been using cyberspace to target the Indian population. The report suggested that the Chinese hackers used e-commerce festive season sales, held in October and November, to carry out the shopping scams.

The thinktank used open-source investigative methods to examine the links. Upon investigating, they found that the Chinese hackers registered all domains on Alibaba’s cloud computing platform and hosted the links across Belgium and the US. The links were registered in Chinese provinces Guangdong and Henan to a company named Fang Xiao Qing and are still found to be operational.

The cyberattacks in the name of “Big Billion Days Spin the Lucky Wheel Scam” and “Amazon Big Billion Day Sale” lured people into winning free products. These emerged days after Flipkart announced its Big Billion Day Sale. The Chinese hackers used this opportunity and created similar-looking scam that linked Amazon and Big Billion Days event. They further used WhatsApp as a media to spread these links maliciously.

CyberPeace Foundation stated that the e-commerce shoppers in India received fake links to participate in the contest. The thinktank cleared that people were duped into believing that it was all real. The offer stated that people could win an OPPO F17 Pro (Matte Black, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage) smartphone.  They were even asked to share the link through WhatsApp to their family and friends.

It’s not the first time, when Chinese hackers launched attacks to hit targets in India. A data from June 2020 stated that these hackers made over 40,000 cyber attacks on India within a span of five days. These attacks were carried upon resources and sectors such as infrastructure, information and banking.

The continuous crackdown on Chinese apps by the Indian government has been considered another reason behind the rising cyberattack. The Chinese app ban was considered necessary in the name of India’s national security.   

CyberPeace Foundation, Founder and President, Vineet Kumar stated that covert cyber warfare Chinese entities that have been launched in India on a repeated basis are more alarming than e-commerce scams going on a regular basis. He believes that low awareness regarding such scams is one major reason behind the rising attacks in the cyberspace.

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