UAE’s Cyberton Global Partners with Indian Acalvio Technologies to Enhance Cyber Capabilities

Acalvio Technologies that provide solutions to detect engage and respond to malicious activities, has entered into a partnership with Dubai-headquartered Cyberton Global DMCC.  The latter is a cybersecurity value added distributor, which brings substantial market experience along with remarkable cybersecurity knowledge, and an impressive partner network.

With its Deception Technology for Accelerated Detection and Investigation of Advanced Threats and Ransomware, Acalvio Technologies would bring advanced technology to the Middle East and North African region. Its partnership with Cyberton would also enhance its regional market growth.

It was in July, when Exclusive Networks India, another value-added distributor, added Acalvio Technologies to its portfolio. The move was taken in response to the growing cyberattacks that called for the need to adopt a robust Autonomous Enterprise-Scale Distributed Deception Platform. The Acalvio solutions were deemed fit as per the requirements. This partnership also helped Acalvio Technologies to penetrate into the Indian market.

ShadowPlex, Acalvio’s Autonomous Deception solution, has been designed to help organisations detect, investigate and respond to malicious intruder and insider activity. Powered by AI and fluid deception technology, ShadowPlex is an accurate, timely and cost-effective platform that provides its clients with a proper security system against the challenges.

Acknowledging the impending interests, Cyberton Global DMCC’s President Jayadevan K said, “Customers adopt Acalvio’s ShadowPlex because their approach is simple to deploy and manage, and most importantly, it works!”

The solutions by Acalvio Technologies focus on high fidelity detections! Recently, a business intelligent report on Global Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cybersecurity Market listed Acalvio Technologies under the list of major companies operating in the Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cybersecurity Market. The report focussed upon various dynamics and growth outlook, including the market size details, competition profiles, geographical developments and challenges that concerned the cybersecurity market.

Acalvio Technologies use the data obtained from internal and partner ecosystems to benefit its users. Not only does it minimises false positives, but derives actionable intelligence for remediation too. Its partnership with Cyberton Global has brought a whole new level of commitments.

Acalvio’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Chad Scrupps, who seemed excited with the partnership, commented, “We are confident Cyberton will help us drive our next phase of growth by delivering deception-based autonomous threat detection that meets the challenges that security professionals face every day.”

The partnership has been viewed as a two-way benefit that would allow the security teams to cut through the cycle of endless alert. The impressive partner network would also bring substantial market experience and remarkable cybersecurity knowledge.

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