Kolkata-Based Indus Net Technologies Prepares to Expand in UAE

The global pandemic challenge has split most of the businesses apart, driving them to losses. Amid the potential loss scenarios, the Indian tech industry has been preparing to shrug off all the slowdown to form businesses and attain successes. A Kolkata-based information technology services called the Indus Net Technologies (INT), is presenting itself to be growing even amid the most unprecedented and uncertain times. After achieving wide successes in the Indian and Western markets, it now plans to enter the UAE technology market.

Indus Net Technologies have conducted its business worldwide. The tech firm provides online reputation management, content development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing etc., to its customers. It has been around for two decades and is a trusted partner of the fastest-growing enterprises, agencies, SMEs, and startups across 20+ countries.

Founder and CEO of Indus Net Technologies Abhishek Rungta announced the addition and expansion of the Indian firm in the Middle East. Ever since setting up of the successful IT enterprise in 1997, Rungta has been creating a thriving tech ecosystem in the city.

In the present, the INT firm already has offices in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Not only is it working with the leading brands but also entered into a digital partnership with the Indian government. As a part of supporting the “Digital India” initiative, the firm also developed a flagship virtual platform called MyGov app, crowdsourcing ideas for better governance.

Since 2008, the Indus Net Technologies founder had invested as an angel in around 20 startups. He also built Energy Tech Ventures, a joint venture between his company and a company that was into energy audits. The decision to expand the firm in the Middle East came post understanding the UAE’s potential leadership role in technology adoption.

In the present, the INT firm is placing special focus on expanding in the UAE market using partnerships in technology. To support the stance is Dubai’s wide success, as the city has successfully transformed itself into business and tourism hub. The numerous digital transformation initiatives have driven global competitiveness, bringing unprecedented economic growth.

“Dubai has largely been responsible for changing the mindset when it comes to adopting new technologies,” said Rungta.

To attract participation from high-potential Indian startups, UAE has made several efforts over the time. In view of high interests in the Indian startups, it also launched the first-ever Dubai Technology Tour, a product of a cross-border partnership between Dubai Chamber, Startup India and Mumbai Fintech Hub. The virtual trade mission would provide the Indian FinTech and healthcare startups with the opportunity to expand their innovative business concepts in the UAE.

Clearly, the MENA region provides substantial opportunities for tech rise, and making connections would improve India’s IoT strategy. Indus Net Technologies’ partnership with the UAE would further bring international reputation to the Indian firm and seamless and efficient progress.

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