Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 Highlights the Emerging Tech Opportunities in India

India’s flagship event called the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 (BTS 2020) went digital with its theme ‘NEXT IS NOW’. The initiative was set to break the barriers of time and bring the world on one forum, allowing an understanding of the rapidly advancing future.

The event was a step towards fulfilling the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a $5 trillion economy and a global economic powerhouse by 2025. Post inaugurating the annual technology event via video conferencing on Thursday, the prime minister said, “Our government has successfully created a market for digital and tech solutions. It has made technology a key part of all schemes. Our governance model is ‘Technology First’.”

In the past few years, Bengaluru has emerged as an Indian city with the highest number of engineers. The two government events called the Bangalore and the Bangalore BIO, have transformed it into the most dynamic cities of the world. Later in 2017, these events were summed up under the Bengaluru Tech Summit and have followed the same pattern ever since.

Today, Bengaluru is also known as the technology capital of India. It remains on the forefront of tech-driven innovation and a top priority for setting up a startup. Several Bengaluru-based startups have accelerated India’s transition to an internet first economy, driving digital disruption across legacy sectors, as India recovers from the crippling effects of the pandemic on the economy. It is a home to more than 14 unicorns and had attracted nearly 47% of venture investments in the last 4 years.

Some unicorns’ founder, namely Sachin Bansal, Bhavish Aggarwal and Dhiraj Rajaram, explained how Bengaluru has influenced and helped them in achieving their present statuses. They claimed that the ‘tremendous amount of early adoption’ has helped fine tune products and offerings, providing new tools and ways to go faster and further.  

Clearly, India is all set to leap ahead in the information era. At the Bengaluru Tech Summit, the prime minister said, “Our local tech solutions have the potential to go global. It is time for tech-solutions that are Designed in India but Deployed for the World.” The summit featured, Multi-track Conference, Global Innovation Alliance, Smart Bio Awards, STPI-IT Export Awards, International Exhibition and Bengaluru Impact Awards.

Digital India has become a way of life. Technology alone has helped Indians to receive proper and quick assistance, amid the pandemic. “Youth can play a major role in developing robust cyber security solutions; potential of youth and opportunities for them are endless,” added PM Modi.

Several arrangements were made to make the Bengaluru Tech Summit, a grand success. Aerospace and defence tech, startup for public good, electronics and semi-conductor, reimagining digital health and COVID-19 preparedness remained the key focus areas of the summit.

Nearly 25 nations participated in the 23rd edition, along with 200 Indian companies, setting up their virtual exhibition, 270 speakers, around 75 panel discussions and more than 4,000 delegates and 50,000 participants every day. The event was organised by the Karnataka government in association with Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society, the state government’s Vision Group on information technology, biotechnology and startup, and Software Technology Parks of India. It took place between November 19 and 21.

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